Being Healthy

Image of AppleCadzow Nursery School are committed to promoting healthy eating through a well balanced diet, encouraging children to eat a wide variety of foods. We understand the link between nutrition and learning and have carefully planned our menus.

All our meals and snacks are freshly prepared each day by our on-site chef and the weekly menu is displayed in each room. We cater for all dietary and cultural requirements at all times.

The children in our care are each offered morning snack and afternoon snack and a hot healthy home cooked lunch. Children are encouraged to help with setting and clearing the tables and good manners and social skills are encouraged. Our snacks contain a fruit or vegetable at each sitting to ensure children are having their 5 a day! We encourage a self selection snack in the older playroom where children are encouraged to prepare snacks themselves.

The nursery has a 4 week rolling menu which allows the child a choice from the snacks provided.

All staff serving food have been fully trained in Food Hygiene. We encourage children to choose from the day's snack menu and help serve their own food. We are passionate about encouraging children to learn the importance of good hygiene. We promote washing hands and cleaning teeth before and after snacks.

Above all food is fun as we encourage all children to share in the joy of fresh, tasty food eaten with friends in a relaxed social setting.

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