Your Child's Progression

In recognition that education begins in the home, we are fully committed to a partnership approach with parents. One of our main aims is to encourage parental partnership and involvement in every aspect of their child's care and education.

At Cadzow Nursery School we place immense importance on promoting our relationship with parents and to achieve this strong partnership, we do this in a variety of ways, some of which include:

  • The needs of each child are discussed in full, prior to admission and on an on-going basis. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child's day with their key worker and individual development records are available at all times for parents to view.

  • We display weekly parent information on the notice board with useful and up-to-date information, as well as the provision of opportunities for parents to comment on our service.

  • A regular update to our parents and carers through our Nursery Newsletter.

  • Parent evenings, which have proved very effective in providing parents and carers with detailed information on their child's progress at the Nursery.

  • Opportunities where we encourage parents to get involved in accompanying us on outings and Nursery events.

  • We track, document and plan for each individual child's learning using an online learning journals system, this means parents can access their child's development at any time day or night. This is safe and secure. More information can be found on 

  • Verbal feedback between the staff and parents on their child each day.

We ask that you share your e-mail address with us so we can easily communicate in this way, reducing paper waste wherever possible.