Our Values and Aims

Our Values:

  • To provide opportunities for children and staff to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding, to realise their their potential.

  • To ensure children have an understanding of their place in Scotland, as well as a global awareness and understanding of their responsibility as a citizen of the world.

  • To foster relationships with parents and work in partnership for each individual child and develop mutual trust.

  • To ensure children, staff, parents and the wider community are able to influence and shape our nursery.

  • To create an ethos where children are respected and valued and their rights are reflected as contained in the Children's Charter.

Our Aims:

  • To provide a welcoming, stimulating learning environment to improve outcomes for children.

  • To provide an environment which enhances and celebrates diversity and inclusion.

  • To train and update staff and promote an ethos of continuous improvement and reflection.

  • To ensure every child has the best possible start in life and is ready for their journey to school.

We are passionate and committed to high quality early education and childcare. We believe parents are children's first and most important educators and work in partnership with parents to ensure we inspire children to reach their full potential.

Our passion and commitment has led us to be proud recipients of awards and accreditations including:

Eco-Schools Logo
Health Promoting Nursery Logo
Breastfeeding Friendly Logo
Childsmile Logo