Toddler Room (2 - 3 years)

Toddlers 1Toddlers 2Your child will move to the toddler room when they are around 2 years old. Our toddler room holds 19 children with a ration of 1:5.

Within our 2 - 3 room staff provide a stimulating and challenging environment which focuses on building independence for our little learners!

The toddler room provides a structured day with a much greater choice of learning opportunities. We have areas where they can be creative, imaginative and innovative with various resources which stimulate their little minds.

Our learning continues outdoors, the toddler room has direct access to the garden and children have the opportunity of 'free flow' play to garden all day long and staff ensure all learning is taken outside; the garden is not just used for physical play.

Excellent use is made of the many fabulous local facilities including local parks, gardens and libraries. Children are regularly seen out walking and learning from our local environment - we see every opportunity as a learning opportunity.

Children of this age are exploring boundaries and staff are very skilled at providing an excellent balance between allowing them freedom to learn and experiment, learning social skills, consideration for others and the need to follow rules for their own safety and that of others.

Potty training tends to happen in this room and staff are very experienced in making this as stress free for both children and parents as possible. They will give lots of support to ensure consistency between home and nursery.